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Epoxy Garage Floors Add Value to Your Home

Epoxy Garage Floors Add Value to Your Home - Hard Rock Floors, NM

A clean and organized garage is a source of pride. Yet, while we try to put everything in order, a garage flooring marred by chips, stains, and discoloration is something that puts off hard work and home value. Indeed, attractive and durable garage flooring increases the value of any home. Fortunately, epoxy flooring improves aesthetics […]

Epoxy Flooring vs. Polished Concrete – Which is Less Expensive?


Do you think of your home’s flooring when you consider a renovation or a simple upgrade? It’s the part that is usually neglected simply because we step on it every day without thought. It could be because your floor isn’t attractive enough to notice. Maybe it’s time to explore something new instead of your plain, […]

How to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors

How to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors - Hard Rock Flooring NM

Epoxy floors are the most widely used type of flooring in the United States. They have a variety of benefits, including low maintenance and easy cleanup. They are also durable floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic, which is why they are an ideal choice for busy areas. An epoxy floor is a composite of […]

The 5 Benefits of An Epoxy Garage Floor

Are you tired of looking at that same old boring concrete garage floor? Invest in epoxy flooring and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your concrete surfaces! A garage floor epoxy adds texture and a nice finishing touch to a standard garage. It has numerous advantages, including durability and the correction of […]

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring - Hard Rock Flooring NM

Are you thinking about getting your property a new flooring? You might want to consider epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is best in a variety of settings. It is perfect for your kitchen floors, patios, bathroom floors, basement floors, and garage floor coverings. You can turn your home into a comfortable and clean place with the […]