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The 5 Benefits of An Epoxy Garage Floor

Are you tired of looking at that same old boring concrete garage floor? Invest in epoxy flooring and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your concrete surfaces!

A garage floor epoxy adds texture and a nice finishing touch to a standard garage. It has numerous advantages, including durability and the correction of floor defects. A professionally installed epoxy garage floor will transform your drab old space into a contemporary and professional space. 

Here are five reasons why many owners prefer an epoxy garage floor.

1. Extremely Durable

Epoxy garage floors are extremely durable and resilient. It can withstand heavy vehicles and equipment for a much longer period of time than tiles, carpet, or wood flooring. Its appearance can last for years and there is no need to redo it on a regular basis. Impacts, cracks, stains, chemicals, and abrasions are not a problem for the epoxy coating. You don’t have to be concerned if you drop a heavy tool by accident because the floor can handle it! So, if you want a long-lasting and durable garage floor, epoxy flooring is a great choice.


2. Shock, Heat, and Chemical Resistant

Epoxy exhibits a wide range of resistance capacities. It is one of the primary reasons why epoxy flooring is gaining popularity.

  • Shock-resistant. Accidents may happen so even a jarring crash won’t leave a trace.
  • Heat-resistant. Depending on the mixture, epoxy can withstand heat to varying degrees. The addition of phosphorus to epoxies increases their heat resistance.
  • Water and chemical resistance. Another advantage of epoxy is its resistance to water and chemicals. Because of the density and depth of layering that epoxy can provide, brake fluids and oils will not ruin your floor. Cleaning and sanitizing are also simple, with no risk of leaving harmful residue.


3. Gives your floor a polished, clean look.

Worried about cracks on the floor? Epoxy is excellent for resurfacing qualities and correcting floor defects. With the best flooring contractors, previous defects can be flawlessly repaired. You can use epoxy paint to completely conceal flaws and add decorative quartz chips to your garage to give it a more stylish appearance. With the many available colors and designs to choose from, you can definitely achieve that polished, clean look for your garage floor.

 4. Compatible with Vehicles

Epoxy garage floors are ideal for vehicles. It has a smoother surface than regular concrete floors which is good for the tires. The smooth surface helps keep the tires of the vehicle in good condition. Epoxy floors can also hold heavy vehicles even for prolonged parking or storage. Since epoxy floors are chemical and water-resistant, they can handle vehicle maintenance as well. Spills from changing car oils and simple repairs will not damage your epoxy garage floor.

5. Cost-Effective

Other flooring solutions are extremely costly. With the cost of floor removal, purchasing tiles or vinyl could take a toll on your budget. Good thing there’s epoxy flooring as it is a low-cost option for remodeling your garage. If you are unsatisfied with your current garage floor, epoxy flooring will allow you to keep it while remodeling your garage. It may take a few coats and drying times, but you will be able to do a lot more with the epoxy garage floor.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of an epoxy garage floor?

As you say goodbye to your dull, old concrete floor, make the most of your epoxy flooring experience by hiring skilled contractors. Although epoxy garage floors are simple to install, having it done by highly skilled professionals ensures that nothing goes wrong in the installation process.

The expert and professional flooring contractors at Hard Rock Flooring New Mexico will bring you the transformation that you deserve. Give your garage the best look possible with epoxy flooring installed by the experts.

Interested in working with our epoxy flooring experts at Hard Rock Flooring, New Mexico? Get in touch with us today and let us handle your flooring project for you!

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