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Service Area

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico Area

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Our Service Locations

At Hard Rock Flooring, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of epoxy flooring services at the most competitive prices. We are a locally-owned company offering comprehensive flooring services across Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico areas. We aim to provide exceptional customer-service experience by upholding the highest ethical standard for doing business.

Hard Rock Flooring, New Mexico takes pride in offering extra durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain epoxy floors in these following locations:

If your area or town is not on the list, feel free to reach out to us so we can attend to your queries!

Our Services

Here at Hard Rock Flooring, NM, we offer an all-around flooring solution for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our epoxy floor installers are dependable, shows up on time, and keep the job site clean and organized.

We take pride in offering the following services:

Edgewood, NM Hard Rock-Residential Epoxy Flooring Service

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Eldorado, NM Hard Rock-Commercial Epoxy Flooring Service

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

La Cienega, NM Hard Rock Floors-Grinding and Buffing of Existing Concrete Service

Grinding and Buffing of Existing Concrete

On top of these listed services, we also offer metallic flooring and floor design that comes in varieties of color and decorative pattern and texture. We also use Roll on Rock and Blended Flake methods when applying epoxy coating to your concrete surfaces.

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Why Hire Us?

We have served the New Mexico area since 2012 and we take pride in professionally installing durable, slip-resistant, industrial grade, and easy to maintain epoxy flooring. We’ve been to different residential and commercial areas and every epoxy flooring installation project we’ve completed is done with care and expert craftsmanship.

When it comes to epoxy flooring for your garages, patios, and walkways, we’re the best in the flooring industry! We provide the most durable epoxy floor coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial applications around the Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico area.

If you’re looking for a seasoned epoxy flooring company in areas around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, we’re glad that you’ve found us! Give us a call today!

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