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Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Are you thinking about getting your property a new flooring? You might want to consider epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is best in a variety of settings. It is perfect for your kitchen floors, patios, bathroom floors, basement floors, and garage floor coverings. You can turn your home into a comfortable and clean place with the use of epoxy!

Epoxy flooring is becoming a popular option for many homeowners. It’s also a great floor solution for businesses, especially in warehouses. Nonetheless, just like any other flooring solution, there are significant advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Epoxy flooring is an innovative and clever way to ensure a safe, long-lasting, and pleasant workspace. Epoxy floors are gaining popularity, and there are many good reasons why. 

Now, we will provide you with a complete list of the benefits and downsides of epoxy floors. You can weigh the positive and negative aspects to check whether the epoxy coating is the right option for your flooring needs.

First, the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Shock Resistance

One advantage of epoxy flooring is that it is durable and shock-resistant. This means epoxy flooring is sustainable when dealing with heavy objects and impacts. This is why epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for industrial purposes such as factories, plants, and warehouses. 

Fire and Water Resistance

If you aim to make the best out of your industrial flooring, epoxy is undoubtedly the right one for you! Epoxy flooring is resistant to water and fire. While it cannot guarantee an entire resistance to fire, it can resist up to 200 degrees of heat. Moreover, epoxy flooring is water-resistant and can combat any strong and hazardous chemicals.


When it comes to comparing costs, epoxy is the most budget-friendly flooring option! Epoxy flooring can save you a lot of money without worrying about strength and durability. 


Another good side of epoxy flooring is the longevity that it provides. If it is installed and maintained correctly, epoxy can last for decades without showing signs of cracks and peels. This advantage contributes to its affordability, as you will only spend less on flooring maintenance.


If your space constantly requires drainage solutions, you don’t have to worry much about epoxy floors! You can keep them clean and hygienic without the stress. It is vital to comply with safety codes by keeping your floors dry to avoid accidents.

Self-leveling blue epoxy floor

The Downsides: Potential Flaws of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Installation Difficulty 

Epoxy installation must be done thoroughly by flooring experts. The application process can be confusing and complex. Additionally, if the resin and hardener are in unequal proportions, it could affect the overall functionality of epoxy flooring.


Epoxy is sensitive to moisture and temperature. Any moisture on the concrete slab can cause the floor to blush.

UV rays 

Epoxy flooring is never used for any concrete driveway projects as they turn yellowish when exposed to the sun.

High VOC 

Epoxy coatings produce a disgusting odor during the installation process. The smell remains until the product has dried. This is why contractors must wear protective gear when installing the material. Plants must also be removed before the installation to protect them from the harmful effects of epoxy.


The smooth and furbished surface of epoxy floors can be slippery. If you would like to improve traction, you may give a unique non-skid sealer or fine aggregate a try. Make sure to talk to your contractors for accurate solutions. 

Our Verdict to Epoxy Floors

The strengths of epoxy flooring seem to outweigh the weaknesses, with its affordability and flexibility, to name just a couple things. The main weakness is the laborious installation process, if you do it yourself, which is why it’s best to hire a professional. Nevertheless, epoxy flooring is still considered a good option for many homeowners.

Here at Hard Rock Flooring, we offer both home and commercial epoxy flooring around Santa Fe, NM. Reach out to us for a free estimate! We provide you the best flooring for your property. 

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