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Epoxy Patios andWalkways

Epoxy Patios andWalkways

Transform your old and worn-out patios into a cozier outdoor ambiance with Hard Rock Flooring, New Mexico!

Not everyone is privileged enough to have their very own patios and walkways within the vicinity of their residences or commercial buildings. Building expenses and maintenance costs are already a bit extra on your budget, making it not very much of a priority among property owners.

So, if you have patios and walkways built around your outdoor space right now and they’re already making your area look stunning and relaxing, how much better will they look by adding epoxy floor
coating. How exactly will an epoxy floor coating transform your dull, shabby patios and walkways into a beautiful outdoor space?

Why Epoxy Your Patios and Walkways?

Hard Rock Flooring Cerrillos, NM Epoxy-Patios and Walkways Service

If your patio flooring today has visible stains, cracks, and molds and they are ruining the ambiance of your outdoor space, then it’s now time for you to add epoxy floor coating to your patios and walkways. With epoxy flooring, you can now accessorize your patio, add a pop of color to it, and protect it from the harsh elements outside.

Still reluctant to use epoxy to your concrete patios and walkways? We will settle all your doubts right here once and for all!

Advantages of using epoxy on your patios and walkways:

• It can be used even on stained or cracked outdoor concrete surfaces
• Epoxy material contains no toxins that are harmful to your family
• It’s widely acclaimed for its strength and durability
• It makes concrete patios and walkways look even more elegant
• Provides optimum protection from spills and extreme weather conditions
• Requires minor to no maintenance

Residential Epoxy Flooring

One of the most significant transformations you can make to increase the value, appeal, and life expectancy of your home is through polishing your dirty, worn out outdoor flooring. And what better way is there to do that than to apply it with epoxy floor coating. Our team at Hard Rock Flooring, NM specializes in the professional application of residential epoxy flooring for your patios and walkways. We seal and coat exposed surfaces in your great outdoors to make them not only look sophisticated, but to also add exceptional protection from the threat of wear and tear.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring


Installing an epoxy floor coating to your commercial patios and walkways is a cost-effective flooring solution of all time. It can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your commercial outdoor space and can protect your surfaces from moisture, spills, chemicals, and cracks. Epoxy floor coatings at Hard Rock Flooring, New Mexico offer a wide selection of commercial epoxy flooring custom-tailored to the unique needs of your patios and walkways. Our products and services are reasonably priced and they’re specifically intended for commercial outdoor spaces. Spruce up your outdoor living space by giving your patios and walkways a facelift with epoxy floor coating.

Spruce up your outdoor living space by giving your patios and walkways a facelift with epoxy floor coating.

Give us a call here at Hard Rock Flooring, New Mexico so we can discuss in detail your epoxy floor coating projectfor your patios and walkways!