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Epoxy Garage Floors Add Value to Your Home

Hard Rock Floors, NM - Epoxy Garage Floors Add Value to Your Home

A clean and organized garage is a source of pride. Yet, while we try to put everything in order, a garage flooring marred by chips, stains, and discoloration is something that puts off hard work and home value. Indeed, attractive and durable garage flooring increases the value of any home.

Fortunately, epoxy flooring improves aesthetics and durability and protects floors from blemishes, chips, cracks, and other damage. So, if you’re tired of your stained floor, epoxy flooring is the answer.

Benefits, Advantages, and Reasons for Using Epoxy

Epoxy flooring is durable and resilient.

Epoxy flooring is durable and resilient - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Because of its excellent hardness and thickness, epoxy is exceptionally resistant to abrasion from goods used in garages frequently, such as floor jacks, jack stands, metal-wheeled toolboxes, and even fallen equipment. The resin and the components that promote hardening create a resistant surface that causes the layer beneath to adhere to the existing floor.

Furthermore, epoxy flooring offers chemical resistance to various solvents, motor oil, gear oil, gasoline, bleach, and acids. Even if car fluids remain on an epoxy coating’s surface for a long time, you can still clean the coating without leaving stains. Simply put, durable epoxy flooring is an excellent option for garages regardless of the sort of vehicle parked there or the project being undertaken.

Epoxy flooring is flexible.

Epoxy flooring is flexible - Hard Rock Floors, NM

You can use epoxy in a wide variety of circumstances. It can be used as entirely new flooring with a variety of color and design options to create a standout floor, or you can put it on an existing concrete floor to make your floor look new.

Epoxy flooring enhances safety.

Epoxy flooring enhances safety - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Safety always comes first, regardless of the flooring option you select. Epoxy flooring, as opposed to other flooring choices, improves visibility in your garage. As a safety measure, the improved visibility gives garage owners a clear view of the entire area.

Additionally, the polished appearance improves garage illumination, which is essential for seeing lumps or gaps in the flooring. Additionally, epoxy flooring improves traction, reducing the chance of slip and fall accidents.

Epoxy flooring is easily maintained.

Epoxy flooring is easily maintained - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Epoxy flooring has the enormous benefit of being extremely simple to maintain and clean. It is challenging for stains to adhere to the floor finish due to their firm and moisture-resistant nature. A moist rag works well to remove the majority of stains from epoxy flooring. Additionally, cleaning solutions can remove grease and stains from epoxy flooring without harming the finish.

Epoxy flooring is easily installed.

Epoxy flooring is easily installed - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Typically, all that is required is to combine the resin and hardener and apply the resulting slurry to a freshly mopped floor. Even though the operation is relatively simple, thorough application, especially on extensive floors, might take some time.

Epoxy flooring that self-levels makes installation considerably simpler because no floor preparation is necessary. It also dries evenly, even in areas that aren’t level.

An epoxy garage provides maximum floor protection.

An epoxy garage provides maximum floor protection - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Epoxy offers an excellent barrier on the floor surface. The epoxy coating installation contractor ensures that it forms a thick, sheet-like layer during application. This cover is crucial in preventing concrete wear and tear and cracks, and epoxy flooring also prevents stains and other flaws from developing.

Epoxy flooring lasts longer.

Epoxy flooring lasts longer - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Epoxy will last a very long time without needing to be redone after the initial application. The coating’s resilience to shock, water, and even stains makes it more durable than tile, carpet, and wood flooring. Due to its strength and protection, epoxy’s appearance will last for years.

Epoxy is a realistic choice for preparing garages and basements for long-term satisfaction if you want to construct flooring that you won’t have to replace frequently over the years.

Epoxy flooring is reasonably priced.

Epoxy flooring is reasonably priced - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Epoxy flooring is less expensive and costs less per square foot than other flooring options. Other garage flooring installations demand that your current flooring be removed or resurfaced. Because you can install epoxy flooring over pre-existing concrete, steel, or wooden floors, this criterion is no longer necessary.

Epoxy flooring is elegant.

Epoxy flooring is elegant - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Epoxy flooring provides an elegant, high-performance surface with numerous layers of tough concrete coatings instead of single-layer big-box retail systems. The selection of these several layers is based on each layer’s unique characteristics, resulting in a system that is both long-lasting and performs at its best. To make your garage envy the neighborhood, apply epoxy to the floors.

Key Takeaways

Epoxy Flooring Services - Hard Rock Floors, NM

Getting an epoxy flooring treatment enhances durability and safety. No matter how your garage floor looks or feels, this flooring guarantees that garage floors look great without worrying about the elements. So, when you select an epoxy flooring contractor, look into their experience, work product quality, reputation, and area of expertise.

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