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Epoxy Flooring vs. Polished Concrete – Which is Less Expensive?

Do you think of your home’s flooring when you consider a renovation or a simple upgrade? It’s the part that is usually neglected simply because we step on it every day without thought. It could be because your floor isn’t attractive enough to notice. Maybe it’s time to explore something new instead of your plain, dull concrete flooring.

When exploring new flooring for your home, the first thing to consider is the material. Concrete has a lot of varieties that you can consider, but the two most commonly selected by homeowners are epoxy concrete and polished concrete flooring.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring versus Polished Concrete Flooring

Each of these two materials has good characteristics. For an easily customizable type, using epoxy concrete flooring is best. Epoxy coatings suit anyone’s taste which is why it is often used for hospitals, warehouses, chemical plants, garages, and more.

On the other hand, concrete flooring is easier to clean. Likewise, this material can last longer than epoxy concretes and comes at a lower cost. Polished concrete is also the better choice if only a light to medium use is required, such as in a house, offices, or commercial spaces where there is less traffic.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring - Hard Rock Flooring NM

Factors to Consider

The common reason for homeowners to pick one material over another is the price. However, beyond that, both epoxy concrete flooring and polished concrete flooring have things you must consider.

1. Cost

Cost - Hard Rock Flooring

The amount of money you will spend at the very beginning is a big factor but will depend on factors like the purpose of it. For building food storage areas with light-colored flooring, it may not be practical to use epoxy concrete because it requires several coatings. This type of flooring also needs a lot of regular maintenance. On the contrary, polished concrete is much more reasonable because it is more durable and longer lasting. It can actually last twice as long as epoxy concrete does, allowing you to enjoy your floor for years before needing to do maintenance.

2. Health and Safety

This is a top priority when choosing any material for any kind of building where flooring is needed. Both of these materials are safe but may become dangerous if not applied properly. Epoxy coatings, which are made of epoxide resin and polyamide hardener, are 100% safe to use. Curing, or the chemical reaction caused by combining those two components that leads to its hardening process, happens when the liquid epoxy coating becomes solid and durable. Once it has cured, it is safe to have for both commercial and industrial flooring. Polished concretes, however, may be too smooth and polished that slipping and falling often occur. It becomes slippery when wet, so being careful when walking on this surface when wet.

Health and Safety - Hard Rock Flooring

3. Appearance

Appearance - Hard Rock Flooring

For economical, attractive, and environmentally-friendly material to use, polished concrete is the answer. It’s popular among business establishments and people who love to style their place with stunning flooring. Polished concrete flooring is also affordable and has reduced allergen. Epoxy concrete flooring offers something different as it is customizable and can be very unique, depending on your taste and style. This material is perfect for areas that are vulnerable or prone to water or chemical leak, too. Epoxy concrete flooring is a great choice for both your interior and exterior flooring.

Floor Perfection versus Durability Made Possible

Floor Perfection versus Durability Made Possible

Are you tired of using floor mats and rugs in every room of your home? Say goodbye to those and say hello to your new flooring made of high-quality epoxy flooring by the skillful hands of our most trusted experts in concrete building. At Hard Rock Flooring NM our creations make up a lovely home and office. The floorings we create are proven to provide lasting protection for your home.

Hard Rock Flooring NM is the best epoxy floor coating contractor in New Mexico, offering a wide variety of designs, textures, colors, and patterns suitable for any type of home or workspace you have. It’s your floor, and it’s your choice; but when it comes to the epoxy coating services that it needs, leave everything to us! We have a team of top concrete contractors to help you out on any concrete building project.

Since 2012, it has been our priority to decorate floors with not only aesthetically pleasing and high-quality materials. We’ve been building floors for residential areas, commercial properties, industrial workspaces, and also other facilities. Yours maybe our next top project soon! We’re here to change your idea of epoxy concrete flooring. Contact us at 505-755-1103 to discuss your options.

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